What is Yombu?

Yombu lets you pay for everyday items with nothing but your fingerprint — no card or phone required!

Cards are prone to fraud. Wallets and phones are prone to theft. Why rely on these items to conduct everyday purchases when you always have the most secure form of payment — You!

Yombu analyzes the features of your fingerprint and uses a one-way algorithm to convert them into an alphanumeric code. This code is then encrypted and stored in Yombu’s secure data vault. The next time you use Yombu, we compare the alphanumeric code generated at that time to the ones stored in our vault. If there is a match, the payment is processed! Since your fingerprint is unique, only you can use your Yombu account.

So go ahead. Pay easy. Be You-nique!

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Leave your cash, cards, and phone at home. No need to rummage through your wallet at checkout. Forget last minute trips to the ATM.


No more fumbling with currency, cards, or phone at PoS. No more staring awkwardly at a cashier while you wait for your chip to process.


Paying with your fingerprint ensures enhanced fraud protection. Yombu deploys the latest cryptographic techniques to ensure that your data remains secure.



Initiate sign up in-store or online.


Register your fingerprint and select a 4-digit PIN at a Yombu terminal.


You’re all set to pay with Yombu across all partner merchants!

Start simplifying your life today.

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